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Telecommunication Services

Telecommunications operators are constantly faced with a dynamic and rapidly transforming business model. Competition from tech companies is Intense, and price pressures are intensifying scrutiny on the ROI.

We at Estime Enterprises, Inc. are a leading by provider of specialized telecommunication services. Utilizing the latest techniques and the best technology, we cater to a diverse range of customers by providing them the following services.

Local Network Services

This primarily involves the configuration of network servers on a local network. They may not necessarily mandatory for a network to operate; however, they offer services that are integral to the network’s purpose.

Software -packages such as with the POP, the DHCP, the IMAP, and the NFS are laid out and structured to deliver service to the system within your business. They are meant to not for the purpose of serving third-parties. Core services considered crucial to external to users and in – house users alike, comprise web service, email, and name service.

Wireline design and Installation

Our team consists of qualified and experienced technicians who can offer you prompt design and installation services related to WireLine. Our aim is to provide the most efficient and effective installation and design system of a communications network, either during the stages of pre-construction or after the problems spring up in the present systems.

We are involved in the installation and repair of traditional wireless and fixed-wire telephone lines or Wireless Local Loop (WLL), as well as the recovery of telephone lines and equipment.

Cell Tower Maintenance

Estime Enterprises, Inc. specializes in maintaining the grounds around the cell tower, as well as the internal components involved in making the cell tower function properly. In this capacity, we provide the followings services:

  • HVAC Installation and Service
  • Generator Installation and Service
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Pest Control
  • General Site Maintenance, Repair, and Upkeep

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